Content Marketing vs Copywriting: The #1 Strategy To Massively Boost Online Sales

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Content marketing and copywriting. They are two vastly different
skills and services, right? Well, not if you're doing it right. In this video, I'm gonna
break down the barriers between content marketing and copywriting. And most importantly,
I'll reveal the number one most valuable piece of content marketing that every single business needs to be putting out regularly, and every single copywriter needs to be offering as a
service to their clients.

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Now, before we dive in to the #1 most insanely valuable
piece of content marketing that you absolutely must be
doing as a business owner or a copywriter, let's first talk about what exactly content marketing and copywriting are, and how they differ. So content marketing is the strategy of putting out valuable,
shareable, and free content to your audience on a
consistent and regular basis.

Now, this can include a
whole variety of things, like blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, YouTube videos
like this one, newsletters, and the list goes on and on. Copywriting on the other
hand can really be thought of as the art of writing
words with the sole purpose of getting a conversion. So typical forms of copywriting include sales pages, ads,
sales emails, landing pages, VSLs, webinar scripts, and on and on. So the overarching goal
of content marketing is to put out crazy good value in order to build your brand
awareness, trust, and reach. Copywriting is what you rely on when it comes to actually
turning that audience into paying customers. Make sense? So, on the surface, yes, these are two different
skills and services, but they absolutely should
be done together in parallel to create a very effective and
powerful marketing campaign. And listen up because
this is especially true when it comes to the inbox. Yes, I am talking about your emails. Now, while the best email strategy involves sending both sales
emails and content emails, they should not be treated as completely separate from one another.

And that is because great content emails build trust and rapport
with your audience. That way, when you do
wanna sell them something via a sales email, they're 1000% more likely
to say, "Hell yes!" which is why all of your emails really should be written by a copywriter who knows how to use content
marketing, storytelling, and sales strategies to create
powerful inbox messaging that both connects and converts. So with that, here's my very first tip.

Do not, do not just email your list during launches and promotions. I know that's what everyone wants to do. And let's be honest, that's
where the majority of us tend to focus our time as
business owners and copywriters because launches and
promos are the moneymakers. But the fact is if the only
time you email your list is when you're selling something, then you're really not taking the time to build up that foundation
of trust with your audience, and they're not very
likely to buy from you. Listen, consumers today are smart. And honestly, they are skeptical AF that you're a legit brand
who actually has a product that will help them solve their problems. And it's for damn good reason. I mean, we literally live
immersed in an online world that shows us thousands,
thousands of targeted ads a day, completely oversaturated
with hypey claims, douchey sales tactics, and brands that shove "buy,
buy, buy" down our throats 24/7. Aah! It's no wonder that it's become so hard to gain a loyal following and fan base that keep coming back
again, and again, and again.

Consumers have seen the
same sales tactics so often that their eyes just glaze over anytime they see any of that BS online, because nowadays consumers
want something different. They want a real connection. They wanna feel valued and seen. And if your audience doesn't
feel connected to your brand, they will not buy from you, period. And that is why all your
emails are important, not just the sales emails
that make you money, and nurturing your audience through consistent high
value content emails is arguably the most important
piece of content marketing that you can be putting out as a business. It is literally your
secret sauce to selling without really selling at all. Okay, so content emails are vital to the success of any business, but what exactly is a good
content email marketing strategy? Well, the content and consistency of your emails will vary massively depending on what your brand
or business actually does. So here is my next tip.

Make your content emails
educational, inspirational, entertaining, or personal. You wanna write them informally, just like you're emailing
back and forth with a friend. You wanna include tons of
storytelling and personalization to make your audience feel
more connected to you. You wanna provide enough education to make your audience trust
in your knowledge and skills, and you wanna do it all
without asking your audience for a single thing. That's right, no strings attached. Just read my awesome email. Now, I teach all about my methodologies and the psychology of writing effective conversational emails that'll turn signups into sales inside my five-day email marketing
challenge, Own The Inbox, and you can learn more about
that at the end of this video.

But first, I am sure
you're probably wondering how often you need to be
sending these content emails. Is it once a week, once a
month, every single day, right? Well, once again, it totally varies, depending on you and your brand. Personally, I email my
list about once a week, and that works great for me. And typically, this is an
informal personal type of email introducing my newest YouTube video. But even when I don't publish
a YouTube video that week, I still make it a point to email my list. This keeps me fresh in
their minds and their inbox at all times, and really helps to build that feeling of belonging and community
because I'm being consistent. That way, whenever I do run a
product launch or a promotion, my list sort of tolerate it, for a lack of better terminology, because they know once my launch is over, I will go back to emailing
them on a consistent schedule where I'm strictly delivering free value and not trying to sell them anything. Now, I am not saying that you need to email your list once a week, nor am I saying you can't sell more often, but you gotta find that sweet spot balance between value and sales, right? Giving and asking.

Once a week works great for me, but I also know people who email their list every single day, and that works great for them. And hey, I still read their emails. The key here is not to overthink
the frequency, and instead, and this is the most
important tip of them all, pick a schedule that works
for you and stick with it, because remember, people want consistency. Consistency builds trust, and trust is what sells
your products and services. Now, if you wanna learn exactly how to write emails that sell, make sure to check out my
email marketing program, Own The Inbox.

In it, you'll learn the
marketing psychology that gets people to open,
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the description box below. I hope to see you there. Until next time, I'm Alex. Ciao for now. Alright, guys, if you enjoyed that video, make sure to check out the
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same flow and format? How do you build relationships,
create engagement, and get conversions with email marketing? You got questions. I got answers. Keep watching..

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